Top Best Natural Ways to Get Rid of Headache


Nowadays a headache is a very common problem for everyone. In this post we discuss reasons for headache and many natural ways to get rid of headache.

In today’s busy time, people don’t have time to pay attention to their health and as a result, the body becomes the home of small diseases.

Many people have headache problems that have been occurring for a long time.

Headache is also one of these diseases. Due to an increase in excess headache people start taking medicine to control headaches.

Further, these medicines have side effects.

Therefore, it is better to take home remedies for headaches than taking medication. Today in this article we are telling you the causes of headaches and home remedies to get rid of headaches.

What is a Headache?

Headache is a problem associated with the nervous system and neck of the human nervous system.

Usually, when you go through some emotional or physical stress, this problem comes as a physical reaction.

In such a situation, not only the head but also neck and back pain starts.

Headache is a very common problem nowadays, but it can also increase if not taken care of during the time.

In this article, we will discuss different types of headaches, which you will be able to know about the right home treatment.

Types of Headache

Let’s know the type of headache. All headaches do not require a doctor and medical attention, and it is not necessary that all headaches are normal.

Therefore, we are discussing some types of headaches.

1. Tension headache

This is the most commonly occurring headache. In such type of headache, one feels intense pain on both sides of his head, as it like someone is pressing on both sides with a rubber band in the head.

Due to this type of headache, the muscles of the neck and shoulders become very stiff and feel swollen.

This type of pain is caused by stress, lack of sleep or head injury.

Note: Tension headache can also occur due to exposure to cold air.

When winter comes and cold air moves or when exposed to air-conditioning, when air is applied to your neck and head, it can also cause a headache.

Physiotherapy can be quite beneficial in tension headaches.

2. Migraine

Migraine pain occurs on one side of the head, which is also known as hemorrhage.

In this headache, the patient may have trouble with nausea, vomiting, and light.

In this, the patient feels pain like pricking something in the head. This type of headache can be caused by the strong aroma, change in sleeping posture, alcohol consumption, change in hormones, stress or loud voice.

Note: Apart from this, this headache also occurs due to the consumption of certain foods, such as chocolate, dairy products, peanuts, and citrus fruit.

3. Cluster Headache

This type of headache is intense and painful. Cluster headaches can occur many times a day, but do not last long.

In this, pain can occur on one side of the head and one eye, because it also affects any nerve on the face.

Reason: It can be caused by heat, exhaustion, smoking, alcohol consumption and excessive or strong light.

4. Sinus Headache

Pain in the sinus is felt in the front of the head and on the face. This type of headache occurs when there is a sinus cavity in the cheeks, nose, head, and eyes.

This headache becomes more acute when a person wakes up or tilts his head after getting up in the morning.

This headache occurs when it is cold, cold winds blow, there is cold, cold, fever, dust and soil pollution or infection.

After discussing different types of headaches, we are going to discuss the causes of headaches.

Causes of Headache

  • Tension
  • Head injury
  • Being hungry
  • Loudly
  • In bright light
  • Cold air
  • Due to hormonal changes
  • Migraine, sinus-like illness
  • Lack of sleep
  • From exhaustion
  • Fever or chills
  • Having eye problems
  • More than talking on the phone
  • Having a serious illness
  • Exposure to dust or soil or pollution
  • Working on TV, computer or laptop for long
  • Not taking essential nutrients

Top Best Natural Ways to Get Rid of Headache

1. By Drinking Peppermint Tea

Peppermint can be helpful in relieving your headache. If you want, you can get rid of your headache by drinking a tea made of peppermint.

2. Acupuncture is Beneficial for Headache

Acupuncture is very beneficial for curing migraines. To remove this severe headache, press the jaw point.

3. Masala Tea for Headache

Drinking spice tea stimulates the mind. While making it, do not forget to add ginger, cloves, and cardamom.

4. Massage with Coconut Oil

Massaging with coconut oil for 10-15 minutes will also give you relief from headache.

If you are suffering from headaches during the summertime then this recipe will work effectively. It cools the head and reduces pain.

5. Drink Garlic Juice

Grind the garlic and extract its juice. You must extract at least one teaspoon of juice.

Then drink this juice. Actually garlic works as a pain killer, which is beneficial to get rid of headaches.

6. Clove and Salt Paste

It is an effective treatment for headaches. We have to first make a paste of clove and salt. Then drink this paste mixed with milk.

Salt has hygroscopic properties because, for this reason, it absorbs all the liquid material in the head.

7. Massage the Head

As soon as there is a feeling of heaviness in the head, you should immediately massage the head by humming the mustard oil lightly. Or take desi ghee and massage it with light hands.

It provides relief in pain and also removes the problem of vomiting.

8. Sitting in the Darkroom

Light can sting the migraine patient. In such a situation, sit quietly in a light-lit room and massage.

This will give comfort. Apply oil on the temple and press it slightly, it will feel a lot of relays.

9. Apply Lavender Oil

If you wish, add lavender oil to your water at the time of bathing.

This will give you a lot of comforts, but yes, if you have any kind of allergy from it, do not use it.

10. Massage with Ice

You can also take a bake of ice in case of severe pain.

It gives relief. Keep ice packs or aloe vera packs at home and keep them on the eyes if you have pain. Ice can also be baked by placing it in a handkerchief.

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11. Take a Shower with Lukewarm Water

Taking a shower with lukewarm water in case of pain is also very relaxing. With the help of lukewarm water, one can easily get rid of headache.

12. Yoga is Beneficial for Headache

Doing yoga keeps hormones balanced. With the help of breathing and other yoga postures, you can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks to a great extent.

13. Increase Magnesium

Increase magnesium intake in your diet.

Magnesium can effectively combat various migraine activations as it regulates blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Include a dose of 500 mg magnesium in your diet.

14. Get More Caffeine

Black coffee, which is a good source of caffeine, can be used to get rid of headaches.

But do not get used to caffeine too much because if you are addicted to it then it will never cure your headache.

You may take 100mg of caffeine throughout the day to get rid of headache.

15. Ginger

According to Ayurveda, ginger can cure your headache.

While preparing the food, add a little ginger to it and then eat it.

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If you want, you can also make and drink ginger tea. This will help you get instant relief from headache.

16. Canine Paper

The canine paper helps in correcting migraine as it increases blood flow. It is a natural painkiller. Put half a teaspoon of canine paper in 1 cup of hot water. You can also mix a little lemon juice in it. Then drink it.

17. Feverfew

These plants can relieve chronic migraines.

It contains a type of compound that prevents inflammation by removing spasms from the muscles.

You can prepare tea, in which cook and drink 1 teaspoon of dry peppermint and feverfew.

18. Fat-free Milk

Fat-free milk or products made from it can cure migraines. It contains Vitamin B which is called riboflavin and it gives energy to the cell.

19. Black Pepper and Mint Tea

If you have a headache, then consuming black pepper and mint tea is also very beneficial.

If you wish, you can also take some mint leaves in black tea.

20. Eat Betel Leaf

Pan is known for its analgesic properties.

It also helps to relieve headaches very quickly. You take some betel leaves and make a paste.

When you apply it on your forehead, you will get a lot of relief from the headache.

21. Tulsi for Headache

Tulsi has been known for its medicinal properties over the years.

Tulsi is very beneficial not only for colds but also for headaches. Tulsi oil removes tension and stiffness in your muscles.

Applying it to the painful place will give you some relief. Its anti-microbial properties relieve headaches.

It is very beneficial for stress and migraine.

22. Green Tea for Headache

The consumption of green tea has become common in today’s time.

Due to the many benefits and properties, almost everyone is consuming green tea.

Green tea is also very beneficial in headaches. The limited amount of caffeine present in green tea improves the blood flow to the brain and relieves headaches.

This not only reduces headaches, but also balances weight, but excessive caffeine intake can also be harmful to health, so consume it in limited quantities.

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23. Red Chili for Headache

If the spices of red chilies start to eat, then the taste of the food increases, but do you know that by using red chilies you can get rid of a headache.

Red chili acts as a pain reliever. It contains a compound called capsaicin, which makes chili pungent.

Capsaicin also acts to reduce pain. In such a situation, if red chilies are consumed, then headache can also be relieved.

Diet Plan for Headache

1. Green leafy vegetables

Include green vegetables in your diet. Nutrients present in green leafy vegetables benefit your health in many ways and relieving headaches is one of them.

People who have migraine complaints need to eat green leafy vegetables because they contain magnesium and magnesium is very important for migraine patients.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is very important to keep the body healthy, Lack of water in the body causes many diseases and headache is one of them.

So drink more water as possible, and whenever you go out, keep a water bottle with you, so that you can drink water when you are thirsty.

3. Nutritious Diet

Nutritious Eat a diet containing vitamin-D, magnesium, and calcium.

This will help relieve migraines and headaches preceding periods to a great extent. For this, you can take milk, egg and soy products.

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4. Tea-Coffee

If you do not like to drink milk, then you can also consume tea or coffee in regular quantities.

This will give you milk nutrition and caffeine will also help in curing your headache, but remember that you do not consume caffeine excessively, otherwise the problem of headache may increase.

5. Eat Salad

Be sure to include a salad in food, such as cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes, etc. Apart from this, you can also eat fruit salad, in which you can include fruits like watermelon, banana, and apple.


Due to headache for long time problems like nausea, high light intensity, blurred spots, neck pain, etc are started.

In this, the patient neither sleeps comfortably nor is able to sit comfortably. There are many natural ways to get rid of headache discussed above.

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information regarding reasons for headaches, how to get rid of a headache and diet plan for headache and I hope you have understood well.

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